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12 Top Celebrity Endorsements of Brands & Products

When you think of Nespresso you think of George Clooney as the brand and the actor have been working together since Luckily, he found a better financial advisor and bounced back. Theron has been in every filmed and printed ads for the brand and been sporting Dior jewels in various public appearances, which had caused some legal issues with her other endorsers.

Some famous faces do more harm than good

We might suggest a change of attorney if she plans on being exclusive with just one brand. He probably expected extra royalties after the success of the song. All RDJ had to do was shoot a few commercials and print ads and cash-in his big paycheck. LeBron has his own signature line of shoes and athletic wear and will continue to serve as a brand ambassador after his retirement. In Aniston gained a little weight which started a false rumor she was pregnant, building on that gossip Jen teamed up with the beverages company for a series of ads for healthy and occasionally pregnant women drinking their product.

Aniston since lost that extra weight but kept on working with the company. As a veteran actress and former professional model, Angelina Jolie is used to posing infront of a camera. Catherine Zeta-Jones had an on-again-off-again endorsement romance with T-Mobile. So much drama! Ashton Kutcher played double-duty with his Lenovo endorsement deal.

Rihanna received a slightly different endorsement deal from Puma, not the usual spokeswoman position but as a designer with her own line of sportswear and sneakers. One of the most famous endorsement deals in the history of advertising belongs to former boxing champion George Foreman who not only made most of his fortune post-retirement from the deal but also got the actual product named after him.

As the face of Nike Tiger wears Nike clothes, hats, shoes and even uses their clubs during tournaments although he is not obligated to do so. The always fashionable icon had a series of gorgeous elegant print ads and also dazzled the red carpet in LV outfits on many occasions. Gold medalist Usain Bolt had his fair share of endorsement deals throughout his career but his deal with Puma changed the game. A win-win for both sides. Not a bad payday for a few makeup ads, however, the young actress encountered some controversy after starring in skin- lightening cream ad that sort-of goes against her all inclusive feminist agenda.

After all the protests, Watson declared that she will no longer promote any beauty products due to lack of diversity. For example, sales of Nike golf apparel and footwear doubled after Tiger Woods was signed up on a sponsorship deal.

1. David Beckham

Celebrities also provide voice-overs for advertising. Some celebrities have distinct voices which are recognizable even when faces are not visible on a screen. This is a more subtle way to add celebrity branding to a product or service. An example of such an advertising campaign is Sean Connery 's voice-over for Level 3 Communications. Celebrity branding is a global phenomenon and it assumes paramount importance in countries like India, [ citation needed ] where the public may treat celebrities as virtual demi-gods.

There is a certain correlation [ which?

Opinion | New Ad Bill set to affect celebrity endorsement biz

More recently, [ when? However, in some cases the celebrity did not give permission to be associated with the brand and was wrongly attributed to the brand. Paid endorsement or overt endorsement involves a contract between the brand and the celebrity to represent the brand in an advertising campaign. The contract may involve some restraints on the celebrity's act; such as cutting their hair or endorsing a direct competitor.

The celebrity will generally gain a sum of money for endorsing the brand but also have a few guidelines to follow. Advertisements can include television advertisements, radio, billboards, or magazine posters showing the celebrity in the brands advertisement to help increase the products image.

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The celebrity could be seen using the product, or the main character, as being seen in the advertisement can help viewers associate them with the brand. Celebrities used for voice-overs or radio advertisements generally have a distinct voice that viewers will recognize like Morgan Freeman's voice. Brands use events for the celebrity to be seen at, as it helps show their support or association with the brand.

Having photos taken of the celebrities at the event makes the viewers associate them with them supporting the brand, making the viewer associate a positive connection. This can be done through celebrities hosting the brands event, like Victoria Secret Show , using celebrities to perform on the catwalk. Celebrities promote the brand using social media using social media, like Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. This helps the brand target the celebrities' followers to create an association between the two. The advantages of using celebrity endorsements on social media is the large reach that celebrities have.

The hiring of a spokesman or celebrity has increased as a digital marketing technique. Celebrities have been endorsing products and services of businesses on television and print media for decades. However, the social networking site Instagram is now often used as a platform for businesses to market products or services either through a third parties page, such as a celebrate, or directly through their own Instagram page.

What is special about Instagram is the fact that it encourages electronic word of mouth , which exist solely on the concept of sharing.

California Celebrity Endorsement Attorney Sebastian Gibson

Companies can simply tag the username for the businesses Instagram page to allow other potential consumers to browse through that Instagram account in just one click. The culture of advertising on Instagram came naturally when businesses realized that celebrities have a direct means of communication to their target demographic. According to the Telegraph , the ten most popular Instagram accounts are all celebrities who all have around 30 million followers. By partnering with one of these celebrities, businesses are already reaching an engaged and targeted audience of 30 million people.

Many of America's top-earning celebrities Instagram accounts are continually promoting products such as health supplements, vitamins and detox teas.

Top 10 WTF Celebrity Endorsed Products

These aren't spontaneous proclamations, but rather posts paid for by brands to advertise products to the celebrities' sizable following. One of the celebrities that is most well known for promoting brands on her Instagram page is Kim Kardashian. Global brands are expanding the use of digital communication via social media. Companies who use Instagram as a form of digital communication include, high fashion brands such as Christian Louboutin and Chanel.

Both have been known to send products to influential users in return for an Instagram post and acknowledgement. Puma SE have recently increased their digital marketing campaigns through the use of sponsored adverts and endorsements on Instagram.

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  7. This makes these forms digital marketing communication an attractive bet for advertisers seeking millennial eyes. Furthermore, the principle analyst at eMarketer Debra Williamson states that these celebrities influence teens and young adults when it comes to making a purchase, firms can reach out to people through Instagram that otherwise would not be reached.

    As Instagram has transformed into one of the most influential forms of mass communication, the rules surrounding Instagram advertisements have been developed overtime to ensure that institutions do not misuse the platform. Unpaid endorsement or covert endorsement occurs when a celebrity wears or uses the product of a certain brand because they like it. Lots of beauty companies use this to get YouTube reviewers to review their product so they get free advertising.

    Sometimes a celebrity is given merchandise by a brand to use or wear in public where there is maximum exposure, such as an event. This is called "gifting" [35] and the celebrity might endorse the brand by taking a photo of the gift and putting it on their social media account for their fans and followers to see. Whilst the "gifting" may appear to be unpaid, costs are associated with this endorsement, as the brand does not have any contract in place with the celebrity and will have little or no protection against what happens during the unpaid endorsement.

    They could be seen wearing the product in public or in photos on social media.

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    This is 'free advertising' for the brand. A disadvantage of this is the brand has no control over what message or image the celebrity associated with the brand is portraying. When companies are selecting a celebrity to endorse their brand, they must match a certain criteria that they wish for the brand to be associated with. The celebrity must fill the gap between the consumer and brand when one is present. Celebrity endorsement also affects the celebrity. The brand itself can have a positive and negative influence on the celebrities' image showing a reverse effect of the celebrity endorsing the brand.

    Celebrity branding has become a marketing strategy to help appeal a brand to new consumers. They are a way for brands to increase their sales and grow their market, having a huge influence on society as they are seen as opinion leaders. Celebrities can capture the consumer's attention and identify with the brand, leading to sales and making the brand more desirable over other competitors. They also have an influence over their followers due to consumers showing an increase in obsession with celebrities'. Some generations look up to celebrities as they can aspire to be like them. Many brands will ride the celebrity's success wave when using them in an endorsement.

    It is important for a brand to choose their celebrity endorser carefully after considering factors, such as who fits the brand's image and what kind of message the brand wants to get across to the audience. A report by Brand Affinity Technologies BAT , a celebrity marketing company, discusses the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement in social media advertising. The match-up hypothesis generally suggests that the image of the product or the brand that is being endorsed by the celebrity should match the image of the celebrity to make an effective advertisement.

    The All Blacks partnership with Adidas is again an accurate example. It is always made apparent that the All Blacks are wearing Adidas in any form of media they appear in. Adidas benefits from its alliance with the All Blacks because of the All Black's high reputation and the fact that they use only the best equipment. The All Blacks are constantly followed on every form of media.

    This concludes the reason as to why Adidas is their main sponsor — they want to be a part of the 'All Blacks' fame and success. Consumers decipher the cultural codes embodied in celebrity images and actively identify personal, social and cultural meaning in these idols. Therefore, this is why celebrity branding and endorsing through technology has become increasingly more of a trend with initial touch points of communicational advertising. Webster, Big companies such as Adidas and Nike use high-profile celebrities to appeal to the emotional side of the average consumer.

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