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This particular bundle is great for those who already have their music software it does come with a light version of Pro Tools called Avid Pro Tools First , more suitable for starters and computer and want to get going on recording some vocals or instruments. The audio interface in this one is one of the most popular in the market today, the headphones are great for isolation and blocking out background noise, and the cable is sturdy to last you years.

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio bundle is nearly perfect for those wanting to get going on their recording adventures right out of the box. You can also grab their Focusrite Solo Studio to save some money if you feel that you can get by with an audio interface with less ins and outs. This particular bundle is very even with the previous pick — everything in the box will allow you to start recording immediately in your studio as long as you have a computer or music laptop handy.

It also has great preamplifiers with bit converters to give us excellent audio quality. We recommend this one over the Scarlett if you wanted to save a few dollars. Coming as our first recommendation for the best recording studio bundle with microphone gear only, the X1 S bundle is fantastic for those needing the complete mic package. The mic is well-known for having a very high dynamic range and sound-pressure level handling. On top of that you have two switchable low-cut filters to cut off low frequencies it may capture if you want to have a brighter recording typically for vocals, snares or higher pitched strings.

The high-quality microphone alongside the sE Isolation Pack makes it perfect for home studios not having enough space or the means to sound proof an entire room. Unfortunately no audio interface, headphones or music software here, but if you can see past that or you perhaps already have those in your studio, the sE Electronics X1 S Studio is an amazing microphone all-in-one package. While manually setting up the MIDI track in the DAW is doable, a MIDI controller will allow you to do this much quicker, since you are actually playing in real time, which in the end is faster and much more musical.

While you can record audio without it, and even pretty high-quality audio for that matter, the difference can be noticeable. It will make you recordings sound more professional, you will hear less of the rooms natural reverb and overall sound. Another fantastic option is to manufacture them yourself using towels, this would be way more affordable, and it works really well!

Getting the right gear for your home studio is just half the battle, the next step is to learn how to use it properly and how to mix and master songs. To be honest, there is no real need to enroll in a paid course today when you have YouTube at your disposal. Anything you want to find out about mixing, be it mixing vocals, guitar, which mistakes to avoid , etc.

My recommendation; try it out and see how you like it, you can cancel the subscription at any moment before those seven days are over anyway. You can check the Cambridge-Mt website for some free stems, or the ones from Telefunken-eletroakustik. Really expensive gear becomes a necessity when you are building an actual studio where you need the highest audio quality, but also where you need to be able to record loads of separate tracks at the same time. In your bedroom recording studio, you can get by just fine by using an affordable Audio Interface and a couple Microphones.

This next part is mostly aimed at people who already know a thing or two about home recording and who have a simple home recording studio set up and would like to upgrade.

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The idea here is to get higher quality components, the ones that will allow you not only to record a huge number of tracks simultaneously, but to also do this while achieving the best sound possible. In order to be able to do this properly, you should at least get a PC that can handle heavy workloads.

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This means that it should have loads of RAM and processing power. This is an age-old debate which tends to get pretty heated most of the times, the reason for this?

There are 4 things that you need to take into consideration though, which are of great importance:. MacBook Pro : This is the most common home recording studio laptop and probably, the most common laptop in general.

The Macbook Air and also the Macbook are a very close second to the Macbook Pro, they are both fantastic computers, light, fast, have loads of inputs and the screen is of extreme quality. The great thing about PC Laptops is that they come in all shapes and sizes, this means that you have loads of options.

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A big plus for gaming laptops is that they all have backlit keys which useful for live performances. Acer Nitro 5 , yes this is a gaming laptop, but I honestly like them better, bigger screen and backlit keys at the cost of being a bit heavier?

Recording Studio

Sign me up! It also comes with a variety of stock plugins which are good for everyday use, however you might want to get some Third-Party Plugins also. When it comes to electronic music , FL Studio is considered to be the standard by many. FL Studio is great for music composition , for creating arrangements, editing, mixing and mastering.

If you are into electronic music, or if you want a good DAW that will make writing music a bit easier, definitely check out FL Studio. However, if you can get past the way it looks, Reaper is an insanely powerful DAW and the best thing about it is the price.

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My recommendation here would be to start with Cakewalk or reaper and see how you like them, you could always switch to Pro Tools or Cubase later on. A lot of companies create plugins which you can then use in your DAW, you can get bundles which include a couple of plugins, or you could simply purchase a single one.

To get the best sound quality possible, you will need a good Audio Interface. If your Audio Interface has the ability to accept extra inputs though an Optical Input, then, if you need four or even eight extra ones, you can expand.

A recording computer

I honestly love Mixers, using faders instead of knobs and being able to EQ, compress, etc. However, there are Mixers with USB multi-track recording capabilities which are able to record individual tracks at very high quality and send them directly to your DAW. Read more about Mixers with USB multi-track recording capabilities! Microphones come in all different shapes and sizes, and with such a huge amount on the market, it can be quite tough to choose the ones that are right for you. The most common ones are the Shure SM57 and Shure SM58 , which are very affordable and still are being used in almost every studio in the world.

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  8. You should start your software collection with a digital audio workstation DAW. Ten years ago everyone seemed to swear by Logic , ProTools , and Cakewalk. Just remember: whatever money you save here you can spend on plug-ins.

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    However, purists will point you in the direction of microphones that cost thousands of dollars. You should ignore them. We all want to buy a Neumann microphone for our studio. This is called an interface.

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