Walmart coupons basketball

I learned the lesson the first time I shopped there.

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In my case, I thought I got a great deal buying clothes. It turned out, it was all money wasted. When I was going to college for my business degree, I found out that Walmart employes child labor overseas and pays these kids I only shop at Walmart for things like mustard, mayo, canned goods, dental floss and a few other items. Thank you for your article. I had very much the same experience. Every off-brand thing just ended up breaking in a very short amount of time, so I started buying the quality brands, and outside of things like Huggies, etc.

So, I started finding stores local that offered quality OFF brands to save money. Just gotta find the local stores that work for you, but it sounds like you are doing fantastic at saving your hard earned money!

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I used to buy my favorite pens at Walmart. They came in a large package — I thought I was getting a deal. Then, one day I was at the local college bookstore and decided to pick up a couple of extra pens. That is when I noticed how much more ink was in the pen!!! They must make deals with the manufacturers. Thank you for sharing Susan. I would never purchase a flat screen TV or other electronic device from them.

They are still working. We bought the wii and games there and their are not seconds. Excellent point! I rarely go to Walmart any more. I stopped grocery shopping there when I found out that almost all their meats are treated with nitrate preservatives, which makes them last longer, and is one of the reasons their meat is less expensive. Then I watch sales for items I need like cleaning products, garden hoses, etc and get them at the sale price. Thank you for sharing. Sitting in front of a Heb store in Houston with a group of handicapped people we all felt that Walmart could care less about electric chairs.

For the most part none of them worked. Interesting read! I have to agree! I ended up spending exactly the same as I normally do without price matching at my usual store! I knew there was a reason I avoid Walmart! You are justified in your assumption that products at Walmart are a lesser quality than at other stores. I worked running a RV store years ago and my boss cornered a representative of a major toilet chemical manufacturer, at a trade show, asking why we could find their chemical at Walmart for less than we could buy it from them.

The rep was very honest that the chemical at Walmart was majorly inferior.

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Walmart wants to sell at a certain price and companies will make a lesser product to sell to them so that they can still make money, unfortunately they will still sell under their brand name. I found this to be true also with the hair gel that I buy. At a salon when I check the ingredients; they are a much higher quality and it has no silicone. At Walmart the same brand has silicone.

Thank you for sharing Catherine. That is exactly correct and as consumers, we must be educated! I wasted so much money on that company. Every single time I went to Walmart, I caught something, pink eye, colds, etc. This is just incredible!!

Majik Over-The-Door Basketball only $14 at Walmart

I had no idea that companies would make an inferior product but still sell it under their brand name! Thanks so much for the good info! They also sell supplements from brands like Cellucor. Just for fun we went and compared the products, the one Walmart sold was significantly weaker. Just an add-in to this comment. I found the same thing, I was using diet pills, and was buying them from Walmart.

Each pill had just a fraction of the GNC brand.

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I used the GNC bottle and lost the 10 lbs. I wear it with pride. Nothing but price matched items. Only Walmart and thats to get price matched food items because its closer than Save a lot store. I buy nothing else there. Excellent post! Found you on Pinterest, BTW. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Sharon. It took me a long time to figure out.

Wasted so much money at Walmart. Not as much at Dollar Store, but same principles. It was like a lightbulb hit! So, I tested the theory. I still shopped there, but bought only brand names. It got better, but I was losing money, so I stopped altogether for a month, and a funny thing happened. All my stuff I bought started lasting longer and I was actually saving money.

Closed my Costco and just shop at Target and Fred Meyer for the most part. Thankfully, we have a lot of great stores here with good quality. I personally love Tuesday Morning. This is really great advice, and I had no idea about Walmart tactics. It sure makes sense though and answers a lot of questions. Oh really Maggie. That is good to know. Thank you for letting me know!

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My kids are still little enough, though, that I can get away with it. I might have to rethink that when they get to be teens!

We get the majority of our clothes at Kohls. Great prices and coupons. They last a long time. Great brand and cute stuff. I had to learn the hard way with shoes. My son got brand new Walmart shoes before school started.


By month 2 of school, the sole was disconnecting from the rest of the shoe. He even noticed the difference. I still have tread!

Walmart coupons basketball
Walmart coupons basketball
Walmart coupons basketball
Walmart coupons basketball
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Walmart coupons basketball

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