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I can travel cheap, and would certainly be washing my own clothes and only drinking water. However, I will have to eat at some point. How possible is it to eat really cheap while on the cruise?

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If possible, I would just take on a huge box of oatmeal and supplement with fruit and veg where possible. If this is the case, it will be cheaper to fly. Food is free on cruises! I ate very well on my cruise! Also, cabin prices can fluctuate significantly from day to day.

And back up the next day, alas. Who knows! Great post Matt! Wish I would have found this a couple of weeks ago! I just returned from the sister ship of the Oasis —- the Allure of the Seas with the Western Caribbean cruise. But I did save a bundle on booze! I found someone on ebay selling new Nexus bottles. Matt, we used almost all your advise in this article and saved a ton of money.

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Only a few differences were, we bought good boxed wine and took it out of the box and folded them it our cloths, then when we would stop at ports we bought more wine and put it in our travel water container then walked right on the ship with no questions. We also booked 3 months in advance and when the prices drop, I called the RC and they dropped my price too. We also spent 80 days in Paris and there again we saved thousand of dollars with your free things to do in Paris. We went to 20 free concerts, included the France Independence day celebration. We rode bikes almost everywhere and we eat and drank mostly at our wonderful apartment or picnicked at any of the wonderful parks, along the rivers and anywhere that we could set and watch life go bye.

Basically we lived like the French. Things we did different is we danced quite a bit in different place in town we are ballroom dancer And we Geocached. A great way to get around town and search for treasures. Most of the time the caches are located in a place with a great view or something interesting to learn about. Thanks for all the great advice, we are so glad we came across your books and blog. We look forward to all we can learn from you. That is really great to hear! Thanks for writing! You could even go a few steps further and ask for all your daily tips to be re-credited to your account ships charge a day rate to all passengers for the tips for the dinning staff.

But why?? This is how people make a living. They NEED people to spend money on the very things you are telling people not to spend it on. Ships will not be around if they operate in the negative. Anyway, thanks for letting me rant on your blog.

Security check in on cruise ships will tag any booze you try to bring in and store it for the duration of the cruise. I booked a cruise and got both for a cabin upgrade. Royal Carribean will allow 2 bottles of wine per adult. We have also never paid for an excursion. Bring your own snorkel, take your own self guided tour, etc.

It can be done reasonably inexpensive. It amazes me that people actually pay for internet and phone access on cruises. I know I like to just disconnect for several days. But, at least for me, Facebook and Twitter can be on hold for a few days. Great money-saving tips, Matt! Cruise lines offer a shareholder benefit so anyone with a stock account can buy shares and get cash in their onboard account. Due to lucky timing, the annual dividend will also be paid during this period. With any luck, the shares will go up as well. Excellent article!

We just returned a few days ago from a seven-day cruise with Carnival. That was on our twentieth anniversary, so we splurged. We also bought one formal night portrait. While I was getting my deluxe manicure with shoulder massage, an elderly woman came in with her husband to spend HIS birthday gift card! They were very sweet; he was so excited she was getting a gift for his birthday.


So if you are traveling on an anniversary or birthday, make note of it when you book. You just might get a bonus! We did make an exception to our normally strict policy of no cruise line sponsored excursions. In Belize, the ships docks pretty far from shore, so you have to take tenders small boats to port, which takes thirty to forty minutes.

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If you are not taking a ship-sponsored excursion, you are unlikely to get a seat on a tender until after all the excursions have left. They may have to pay big fees to depart late. Weighing the risks and benefits, we booked through Carnival, had a blast, and were worry free. We went for free activities in the other ports to compensate, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I think my favorite tip of yours was to wait until the price for the cruise is in your price range.

Although I want to agree with you that they drop they closer they get to the depart date, I can not say that is true for all cruises. Not a member?

Register with Cruise. There was an error! Please re-enter your credentials and try submitting the form again. After Sales Service Int. Cruise Clients. What better way to celebrate the holidays with your family and friends than on a Christmas Holiday cruise. Sail to the islands of the Caribbean where the skies are always blue and the waters are crystal clear. Escape to the coasts of Mexico to watch the cliff divers in Acapulco or the brilliant sunsets in Cabo San Lucas. Sail to Mediterranean ports for a more traditional European celebration. Or cruise to exotic locations, such as the Galapagos Islands, Tahiti or even the tip of Africa.

You will never forget the memories that you make on a Christmas Holiday cruise to paradise. All offers are based on select sailings and categories and are subject to availability at time of booking. Address 3. Address 4. Address 5.

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bahamas cruise deals december 2019 Bahamas cruise deals december 2019
bahamas cruise deals december 2019 Bahamas cruise deals december 2019
bahamas cruise deals december 2019 Bahamas cruise deals december 2019
bahamas cruise deals december 2019 Bahamas cruise deals december 2019
bahamas cruise deals december 2019 Bahamas cruise deals december 2019

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