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Way back in June , Mazda committed to slashing the fuel consumption of its vehicles by an average of 30 per cent by This is a huge engineering and technological undertaking. Part of that announcement was the commitment to launch new, ultra-efficient diesel engines in A lot happened in the intervening time - from to - including major speed humps like the global financial crisis, and the Japanese tsunami that impacted Fukushima so tragically.

Despite these problems, however, Mazda just appeared to shrug them off, and get on with the job. The release of the Mazda CX-5 represented the most exciting development of the compact SUV segment for some time. A family friendly SUV with a healthy loadspace, which tips the scales at just over kg. Very impressive. Given the litre fuel tank, every refill in a Mazda CX-5 diesel represents more than km of mobility.

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This is one of the reasons why the traditional Aussie car has faded away, under an onslaught of innovation and practicality exemplified by vehicles like the Mazda CX Mazda has even punted Holden from the car sales podium, now occupying the second spot after Toyota, a position Holden for years considered its own.

Mazda is today the number two car company in Australia, after Toyota, incredibly enough. Thanks to the popularity of SUVs, the Mazda CX-5 will almost certainly retain its resale value better than a traditional family car as well. Coupled to a standard six-speed auto, the Mazda CX-5 diesel drive experience in particular is seamless. The 2. Everything Mazda learned through the development of its superb-handling car range is present in the Mazda CX Road noise is a little intrusive, but the handling is crisp - a real benchmark.

It's a basic entry-level workhorse, nothing more. Akera is brilliant, but, in a sense, overkill.

Mazda CX-5 Range Review | Price, Features & Specs

Most car company GPS systems are hopeless. Pick the one of the three you like - they're all good. It's arguable whether the cheaper versions of Mazda CX-5 are really better value than a Mazda3 sedan or hatch, with which the CX-5 basically shares length and width, but the up-spec models are so well equipped and such good value that, on objective criteria they put the cheaper German SUVs such as the Audi Q3 to shame. Put down the credit card, and step away from the dealership. Sales ran away, here and overseas. But now is exactly the wrong time to dump your hard-earned cash on a new CX I get a lot of Mazda CX-5 enquiries.

Great for families. I recommend it. Launch date - not yet confirmed. But the smart money is saying about May this year for Australia. The launch of the new one is too far away for the dealer network or Mazda to be unduly motivated to fire sale existing stock, so getting that cracking runout deal is still months away. Strike one for buying the current model now.

You sign the contract and lock yourself in for the three-to-five-year finance. As soon as the new one launches - in May - the value of your CX-5 immediately takes a big, consequential hit.

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Or bought at the wrong time. One of the most amusing things about being an industry observer is this: The launch of a new model is the only time a carmaker acknowledges the flaws in the current one. At least, they acknowledge the flaws they bother to fix for the new one. And in this case, Mazda is trumpeting the stiffer body in the CX Fifteen per cent, apparently.

Translation, the old one was a bit too much like bendy Wendy. Translation: it was a bit hard to see past the A-pillars on the current one.

Picking up our new 2017 Mazda CX-5 GT

And something they always cop a knee in the nuts over - in-cabin noise - has also been improved, allegedly. The dynamics were already pretty damn good in that vehicle, but the steering will be better. A Japanese cultural thing about the samurai warrior falling in love with his horse … or something. Perhaps platonically. No word on whether that compromises ground clearance to any corresponding extent. And there are styling and minor ergonomic tweaks - the shifter location is improved, the dashboard is clearer.

Stuff like that. Eye of the beholder on that. I think it looks better. So basically, Mazda has the best problem in the universe with the CX The old one is a runaway success. That can be a big challenge. It means incremental change, at best.

Minor tweaks, and spin up the benefits as hard as you can. The press is, of course, lapping this up. Accommodated, probably five-star, by Mazda, for the duration. Taken to grandiose dinners and other entertainment while on tour. Compliments of Mazda. Bottom line: the new CX-5 due for launch later in the year is more like a heavy-duty makeover.

Or so close to identical the difference is immaterial. Mazda does excellent engine technology, and really good dynamics, and the choice to persevere with conventional epicyclic autos is a real plus over some competitors that roll with badly sorted CVT transmissions - hello Nissan X-TRAIL and Mitsubishi Outlander. Doubtless, unfortunately, Mazda will also stick with the shitty space-saver spare wheel and tyre - which is OK, perhaps, in the suburbs, but completely shonky for towing or use in regional Australia generally, where it can be a very long distance between repairs.

And not much fun being limited to 80 kays an hour at night, in the rain, on the freeway, where the space-saver becomes a real safety liability, in my view. I-stop - the automatic engine shutdown and restart in traffic system - will doubtless continue as well. It saves bugger-all fuel, and it really reduces the refinement of the drive experience in stop-start traffic. You can turn it off, but every time you get in the car for a fresh drive, it re-activates.

Perhaps this will change for - no word on that yet. Pricing is likely to remain unchanged for - Tucson and RAV4 are too close and to compellingly competitive in the minds of many for Mazda to tweak demand down by pumping up the price. If you can wait, dealers get back to their usual state of moderate to severe desperation, and they start discounting.

Which is great. They all have strengths and weaknesses, certainly, and bear in mind Forester is looking down the barrel of a major refresh for as well. It will see in colour, and feature a longer and wider fields of view, and the turbo petrol Forester will torque vectoring like the the WRX and STI. So it might be good to wait for that, too. Are diesels compatible with short trips, or is this a path to diesel ownership hell? What type of driving is required to keep a diesel healthy? How does Australia's top-selling medium SUV hold up in the resale value stakes?

Mazda CX-5 insurance costs

Is popularity a good thing for retained value over time? The CX-5 is Australia's top-selling SUV, but this review is completely impartial - so you can make an informed decision about whether to buy one.

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Hey John, need some advice please. My daughter is looking to buy into the small SUV market, not diesel, she has always driven manual cars but autos could be an option. I am in the market for an SUV for a growing family. I have a 2. Thank you very much for your referral, Dylan and his team had successfully sourced me a new Mazda CX-5 and it finally arrived last week. Are there any other cars we should be considering?

We liked the look of the Mazda CX-5 however we think it might be on the small side. I would appreciate any advice to help us with our decision. This is one of the longest questions and most detailed in the universe, from a reader named Mark, who seems set on buying a Kia Sportage Platinum. Mark is benchmarking it against the Hyundai ix35 and the Mazda CX Leather interior! And more! Call us for the details or send us a message!

Mike K.

Mazda cx 5 deals sydney
Mazda cx 5 deals sydney
Mazda cx 5 deals sydney
Mazda cx 5 deals sydney
Mazda cx 5 deals sydney

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